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Events in and around Marrickville

Seasonal Fun and Exciting Events in and around Marrickville, New South Wales

Marrickville is a suburb located in the inner-west of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is buzzing with cultural diversity and creative energy, making it a hub for various fun and exciting events all year round.

Here are some of the seasonal events that take place in and around Marrickville:

Summer Events:

1. Marrickville Festival: This event takes place in October every year. It is a celebration of the local community's diversity and includes live music, food stalls, and various performances. Contact: Marrickville Council.

2. Summer Solstice Yoga: Happens in late December every year, where attendees gather in the beautiful parks of Marrickville to celebrate the Summer Solstice with yoga and meditation. Contact: Marrickville Yoga Centre.

3. Outdoor Cinema: Throughout the warm summer evenings, local parks and courtyards are transformed into outdoor cinemas featuring the latest blockbuster movies. Contact: Rooftop Cinema.

Autumn Events:

1. Sydney Fringe Festival: This event takes place in September every year and showcases various performing arts acts like theatre, dance, comedy, and music from both emerging and established artists. Contact: The Sydney Fringe.

2. Oktoberfest: A fun, autumnal celebration at the end of September where locals come together in traditional German style to drink beer and eat bratwurst. Contact: The Henson.

3. Marrickville Long Table: An event that takes place in late March and involves long outdoor communal dining with delicious food, drinks, and music from the local community. Contact: Marrickville Council.

Winter Events:

1. Vivid Sydney: A winter light festival that transforms iconic landmarks and streets in Sydney with colorful, illuminated displays, music, and entertainment. Contact: Vivid Sydney.

2. Winter Wonderland: A delightful event that happens in May every year in Enmore Park. The event features an ice rink, ice slide, and other fun winter activities for all ages. Contact: Winterland Australia.

3. Winter Night Market: A popular outdoor market from June to August, featuring many artisanal goods, crafts, food, and drinks from the local community. Contact: The Marrickville Markets.

Spring Events:

1. Marrickville Open Studio Trail: This event happens in October every year and is the ideal place to meet local artists and learn about their creative process through studio visits. Contact: Marrickville Council.

2. Sydney Drum and Percussion Show: A fun musical event that takes place in October and features drumming and percussion performances from various artists. Contact: Sydney Drum Show.

3. Newtown Festival: A massive community festival that takes place in November every year, featuring live music, food stalls, and performances from artists. Contact: Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

In Conclusion:

Marrickville is a suburb that is full of fun and excitement all year round. From cultural festivals to outdoor markets, there is something for everyone in this suburb. So, if you live in or around Marrickville, do not miss out on the opportunities to have a good time and experience the local culture.

Contact Details:

1. Marrickville Council - (02) 9335 2222
2. Marrickville Yoga Centre - (02) 8021 8430
3. Rooftop Cinema - (02) 9516 1488
4. The Sydney Fringe - (02) 9550 3666
5. The Henson - (02) 9565 1441
6. Winterland Australia - (02) 9810 3377
7. The Marrickville Markets - 0401 233 367
8. Sydney Drum Show - (02) 9550 3666
9. Newtown Neighbourhood Centre - (02) 9564 2444.

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