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Marrickville Multicultural

Multiculturalism is a core value in Australia, and it is reflected in how suburbs like Marrickville have developed into a melting pot of cultures, traditions and beliefs. A multicultural organisation refers to a group of people who share the same interests or goals and come from different cultural backgrounds. Marrickville has a vibrant multicultural community, and as such, several multicultural organisations have been established to foster inclusivity and a sense of community. These organisations serve different purposes and offer several benefits, activities, and services that enrich the diverse cultural heritage of the suburb. Below is a list of some of these multicultural organisations, their descriptions and contact details.

1. Multicultural Australia Community Services (MACS)
MACS is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to empower individuals and communities to reach their full potential. The organisation caters to the needs of migrants, refugees and other marginalised communities. MACS provides a wide range of services such as aged care, employment support, social inclusion, and youth programs. The organisation aims to promote cultural diversity, social cohesion and reduce discrimination. To contact MACS, call 1300-622-120 or email info@macsaustralia.org

2. Marrickville Women's Refuge
This organisation provides a safe haven for women and children escaping domestic violence. The refuge provides emergency accommodation, support and counselling to assist women in regaining control of their lives. The organisation also conducts community awareness and education programs aimed at ending domestic violence. To contact the Marrickville Women's Refuge call (02) 9560 7800 or email info@marrickville.nsw.gov.au

3. Chinese Australian Services Society (CASS)
CASS was established for the purpose of supporting the Chinese community in Australia. The organisation offers a wide range of services including aged care, youth development, community support, and cultural promotion. CASS provides assistance in areas such as language translation, health and welfare checks, and support for migrants and refugees. To contact CASS, call (02) 9789 4587 or email info@cass.org.au

4. Arab Council Australia
This organisation was established to provide support and advocacy for the Arab Australian community. The organisation offers a range of services, including counselling, education and training, youth mentoring, and community development. They also work towards promoting cross-cultural understanding and partnerships. To contact the Arab Council Australia, call (02) 9569 1288 or email info@arabcouncil.org.au

5. Refugee Action Coalition (RAC)
The Refugee Action Coalition is a community-run group that works towards advocating for the rights and welfare of refugees and asylum seekers. The organisation engages in various activities such as rallies, protests, and fundraising events to support refugees and to push for policy changes. They aim to educate the public about the realities of the refugee situation, offer legal and social support for asylum seekers, and lobby for refugee rights. To contact RAC, email refugeecampaign@gmail.com or call Ian Rintoul on 0417 275 713.

6. Inner West Chinese Association (IWCA)
This organisation was established to promote the cultural heritage and traditions of the Chinese community living in the Inner West region. The IWCA conducts various cultural activities and events such as language classes, dance performances, and cooking classes. The organisation also provides support for Chinese migrants and refugees, including assistance with job opportunities and language barriers. To contact IWCA, email info@iwca.org.au or call (02) 9642 1506.

7. Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Council of Australia (ACSCA)
This organisation caters to the needs of the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac community in Australia. The ACSCA serves to promote the cultural heritage and traditions of the community and provides social assistance to those in need. The organisation also provides education and training programs to young people from the community. To contact the ACSCA, email info@acscan.org.au or call (02) 9759 5691.

the multicultural organisations established in Marrickville contribute to the richness and diversity of the suburb. These organisations provide a range of services and support and serve to promote cultural harmony and social inclusion. They strengthen the bonds of communities and offer practical assistance to those in need. If you live in Marrickville or happen to be in the area and are interested in volunteering or becoming involved in any of these organisations, their contact details are provided, and they welcome your participation.

Marrickville Multicultural Articles

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